Rep. Grant Wehrli Responds to ComEd Bombshell that Implicates Mike Madigan in Federal Corruption Probe

State Representative Grant Wehrli (R-Naperville) has released the following statement  following Friday’s news that yet again Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan has been implicated in serious corruption charges and breaches of the public trust:

“Mike Madigan has skirted along the edge of widespread political corruption in Illinois for decades. When is enough, enough? What will it take for rank and file House Democrats to finally withdraw their support of their Speaker and demand his resignation? When will House Democrats stop choosing blind support of a corrupt leader over reputable service to the constituents who put them in office? The smattering of ‘if it’s true’ statements from a few House Democrats over the weekend does not go nearly far enough. I’m calling on every House Democrat, especially members of the Madigan leadership team, to do the right thing for Illinois, and insist that Mike Madigan resign by close of business today from the Speakership, from his House seat, and from the Chairmanship of the Illinois Democrat Party.”