Rep. Wehrli Reacts to Rejection of IDPH Permit for Naperville’s Centennial Beach

State Representative Grant Wehrli is frustrated with seemingly random rules that are restricting summer fun throughout Illinois and especially in his home town of Naperville.

“Naperville’s Centennial Beach is a community gem that has provided summer fun for the last 88 years,” said Wehrli. “Now, with no science or data to back it up, Governor Pritzker has unilaterally decided that summer pool and beach fun is canceled this year.”

The operators of Centennial Beach recently applied for a permit so that some summer recreational opportunities could be provided this year with safety measures, but the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) rejected the permit. Under the Governor’s Phase 3 plan, swimming facilities licensed by IDPH are not to be opened except for lap swimming, diving, swimming lessons, swim team practices, and therapy pool use. Water parks and bathing beaches are not to be opened in Phase 3.

“The Governor is not following nationally-recommended guidelines with regard to swimming facilities,” added Wehrli. “The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued guidelines for the safe operation of these recreational facilities this summer and recommended that decisions be made locally, but the Governor has randomly decided those guidelines don’t work in Illinois. He decided on a full-out statewide ban of recreational swimming during his Phase 3. The CDC has not recommended a ban, so why is Governor Pritzker?”

The IDPH recently published its own set of guidelines for the use of public swimming pools during Phase 3 of Governor Pritzker’s reopen plan. The IDPH guidelines apply to swimming pools, water parks, splashpads, beaches, spas, and whirlpools.

“With each week the seemingly random nature of the Governor’s decision-making is becoming more and more apparent,” Wehrli said. “People are fed up. They were with him in the beginning, but now increasingly high numbers of people have no faith in the Governor’s handling of the health pandemic.”

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