Rep. Grant Wehrli to Serve on Offshore Wind Energy Task Force

State Representative Grant Wehrli (R-Naperville) has been appointed to serve on Illinois’ Offshore Wind Energy Economic Development Policy Task Force. As a leading Republican voice in environmental policy discussions, Wehrli is committed to moving Illinois toward more renewable and clean energy sources.

“Concern for the environment is not a partisan issue, and it is an honor to be selected for service on this important task force,” said Wehrli. “I look forward to working on this bipartisan, comprehensive panel to produce legislative recommendations to further develop Illinois’ offshore wind energy.”

The Offshore Wind energy Economic Development Policy Task Force was initially formed in 2013, but had become inactive in recent years. Interest in the task force was renewed earlier this year with the approval and signing into law of Public Act 101-283. The task force will report its findings and recommendations to the Governor and to the General Assembly within 12 months of convening.

Specifically, the group will analyze and evaluate policy and economic options to facilitate the development of offshore wind energy, and propose an appropriate Illinois mechanism for purchasing and selling power from possible offshore wind energy projects. The task force will also examine mechanisms used in other states.