State Representative Grant Wehrli Responds to Latest Indictment of Chicago-Area Democrat

In response to State Senator Tom Cullerton’s multi-count indictment on federal embezzlement charges today, State Representative Grant Wehrli (R-Naperville) has issued the following statement:

“Today’s indictment of Democrat Senator Tom Cullerton is one more stain on the fabric of our state. As elected officials, we are subject to the highest level of ethical conduct. As the writers of the laws that govern Illinois, we must first and foremost live within the law. Unfortunately, Illinois has produced too many bad actors who believe they are above the law.

“If proven to be true, Senator Cullerton’s actions go far beyond a breach of ethics. If true, his actions were highly illegal and completely unbecoming of the office he holds. Ethical behavior is not a partisan issue. Members of both parties should be denouncing this type of conduct. I ask all Illinois lawmakers, both Republicans and Democrats, to join me in calling for Senator Cullerton’s resignation.

“Leading Senate Democrats are quick to point out that their colleague is innocent until proven guilty. While innocent until proven guilty is proper for a court of law, it is most certainly not the behavioral bar by which elected officials should abide. The people of DuPage County deserve better from their elected representative in the Senate.

“Too often here in Illinois, honesty and integrity take a back seat to corruption and abuse of the public trust. By repeatedly acting outside of the law, these bad actors have created a political culture that has caused many to lose faith in their government. Today’s indictments, while shocking, are just the latest in a long list of charges brought against Illinois politicians in recent years.

“We need good, clean government and we haven’t had it in decades. Citizens need to think hard about the individuals they send to Springfield to represent them, and only elect people with the political will and courage to make fundamental change to broken systems. The corruption needs to stop.”