Rep. Grant Wehrli Supports Pro-Jobs Reforms to Grow Illinois’ Economy

A vocal advocate for Illinois’ business community, State Representative Grant Wehrli (R-Naperville) supported legislation on June 1 that will grow jobs, boost the state’s economy and provide relief to Illinois’ job creators.

SB 689 was part of a comprehensive package of bills considered in the Illinois House on the final day of the spring session. “The pro-business reforms included in SB 689 include business-friendly initiatives Republicans have been championing for years,” said Wehrli. “We’re delivering business tax credits, phasing out the corporate franchise tax, and putting incentives in place to attract construction and permanent jobs. It is important legislation that allows us to say for the first time in a long time, ‘Illinois is open for business.’”

Specifically, SB 689 includes the following provisions:

  • Creates the Blue Collar Jobs Act, which offers tax incentives to companies making significant capital improvement in Illinois based on the withholding tax paid to construction workers
  • Provides incentives to attract the establishment of data centers in Illinois, providing for good construction jobs and high-paying long term tech jobs
  • Extends the Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment (MM&E) exemption to production-related tangible personal property to include certain supplies and consumables used in a manufacturing facility, like fuel, solvents, coolants, oils, adhesives, hand tools, protective apparel, and fire and safety equipment
  • Phases out the Corporate Franchise Tax beginning January 1, 2020
  • Expands the ability for sales tax to be collected on online purchases

“Every one of these reforms makes Illinois a more attractive place to do business by providing some relief to job creators in the construction and manufacturing industries” added Wehrli. “In addition to these reforms, this year House Republicans were able to block an anti-business bill that would negatively affect ethanol and chemical plants. I’m extremely proud to have supported this bill. It was my pleasure to support these reforms that benefit our state’s business community.”