Wehrli Legislation to Ensure Balance and Experience on Park District Boards Gains Unanimous House Approval

Legislation sponsored by State Representative Grant Wehrli (R-Naperville) that ensures balance and experience on park district boards received unanimous approval in the Illinois House of Representatives on Wednesday.

HB 2081 updates state statutes provide for a re-staggering of terms for elected park district commissioners on the rare occasions when a large majority of seats are up for re-election at the same time. “Park district commissioners are elected at consolidated elections in odd-numbered years, and while rare, sometimes when park districts take action to change the number of commissioners through legal channels, the normal schedule that staggers the seat expirations is thrown out of balance,” said Wehrli. “This legislation provides for the re-staggering of terms so that park district boards can return to a more healthy election where a close to equal number of seats are filled in each election.”

According to Wehrli, the need for the legislation was brought to his attention by leaders of the Illinois Association of Park Districts. “On rare occasions, when boards change their size, a potential problem exists regarding term expirations,” Wehrli said. “This simple change to the statutes allows for conformity and balance.”

HB 2081 was approved unanimously by the House Cities & Villages Committee in late February. The bill now moves to the Illinois Senate for consideration.