Rep. Wehrli to Serve as Republican Spokesperson for Influential Labor & Commerce Committee

As state lawmakers begin to consider bills in the 101st General Assembly, State Representative Grant Wehrli (R-Naperville) has been tapped to serve as the Republican Spokesperson for the influential Labor & Commerce Committee.

When legislators return to Springfield this week, committees will begin meeting to review bills filed in the new General Assembly. “I am looking forward to being a leading voice on the Labor & Commerce Committee, as the bills that flow through this reviewing body have a direct impact on Illinois’ business community and the workforce,” said Wehrli. “Included in the bills the Labor & Commerce Committee will consider this year will be efforts to hike Illinois’ minimum wage. It’s an issue of extreme importance and I am pleased that I will have a prominent seat at the table as the bills move through the committee process.”

Wehrli will also serve as the ranking Republican on the Cities & Villages Committee. As a former ten-year member of the Naperville City Council, Wehrli said he has a heightened interest in legislation that affects local government operations. “I was a member of this committee in the 100th General Assembly and consider it a privilege to be elevated to the position as Spokesperson for the 101st,” added Wehrli.

Along with the two Republican Spokesperson assignments, Wehrli will also be serving on the powerful House Executive Committee. “The most pivotal bills that come to the floor of the House are vetted through the Executive Committee and it’s an honor to have a hand in the preliminary consideration of those initiatives.”

Wehrli will also be serving on the Public Utilities Committee and on the Appropriations-General Services and Appropriations- Capital Committee. “I’m particularly pleased to serve on the Appropriations- Capital Committee because there is the talk of a capital bill this year to fund infrastructure projects throughout the state,” Wehrli said. “We certainly have transportation infrastructure needs in DuPage County and in the 41st District, and I’ll be looking for their inclusion in any bill that is considered in our committee.”