Rep. Wehrli, Republican Colleagues Push Opposition to Progressive Income Tax Increase

State Representative Grant Wehrli and the vast majority of his House Republican colleagues today introduced new legislation opposing Democrat efforts to again raise taxes on Illinois working families – this time through implementation of a new “progressive income tax”. Wehrli and his colleague filed House Resolution 975 clearly stating their opposition to a proposed progressive income tax that would make a struggling state economy worse.

“According to WalletHub, Illinois families are already laboring under the highest effective state and
local tax burden in the country, and their family budgets as well as our state business climate and our economy are all suffering for it. If Illinois moves to a progressive tax, the suffering will increase and more families and businesses will leave the state, taking jobs and tax revenues with them,” Rep. Wehrli said.

Wehrli noted that studies have shown that states with progressive income taxes create even more of a tax burden on the middle class and dissuade economic prosperity.

“While this is always billed as a ‘tax on the rich’, make no mistake, middle income earners will pay more. We have seen this result time and time again in other states that have enacted similar proposals, including California, New York, and New Jersey,” said Rep. Wehrli. “Illinoisans have said no to this scheme before. With this resolution we’re standing up and loudly saying no again.”