Rep Wehrli among Illinois Environmental Council’s 2015 “Environmental Champions”

State Representative Grant Wehrli is building a strong record in support of protecting our environment according to the Illinois Environmental Council. In his first spring session as State Representative for the 41st District, Representative Wehrli earned a perfect 100% score from the Council for his votes in the Illinois House on initiatives crucial to protecting our environment.

“In Illinois we’re blessed with wonderful natural diversity including forests, wetlands, prairie, and the best farmland in the country. I want to protect those resources for my children and their children for generations to come and I’m proud to be among the Council’s 2015 Environmental Champions,” Representative Wehrli said.

Initiatives included on the Illinois Environmental Council’s legislative scorecard this spring included:

• Illinois Clean Jobs (House Bill 2607) that grows the share of energy Illinois gets from renewables and expands energy efficiency targets;

• Organic Composting (House Bill 437) that allows both permanent and temporary sites to collect organic waste for composting; and

• Electronic Waste Recycling (House Bill 1445) that provides a lower cost and environmentally safe disposal option for CRT glass, and removes costs to local governments.

The Illinois Environmental Council has published a legislative scorecard each year for the past 40 years based on House and Senate members’ votes on bills they consider vital to protecting Illinois’ environment and natural resources. You can read this year’s full scorecard here.