Rep. Wehrli Refunds District Office Dollars to State

Continuing to fulfill his pledge of fiscal responsibility, State Representative Grant Wehrli has returned to the state more than $3,500 dollars that had been appropriated to help run his constituent services office in Naperville.

“We know that this year’s state budget, when we eventually come to an agreement, will include some difficult cuts. Returning this money won’t solve our problems; but it would be unthinkable for me to ask agencies and organizations who rely on state funds to make-do with less and not do the same myself,” Representative Wehrli said.

Representative Wehrli said his rebate to the state of $3,524.55 represents 10 percent of the one-half fiscal year budget allotted to members of the General Assembly to run their district office or offices from January through June (half of fiscal year 2015). The district office allotment is designed to pay all state-related expenses, including office rent, utilities, staff salaries, computers and other equipment, office supplies, etc.

“Fiscal responsibility needs to start here, with the General Assembly,” Representative Wehrli said. “I want to thank and give credit to my Legislative Aide Maureen Juhas for a great job running an efficient office that enabled us to return 10 percent to the taxpayers.”