Wehrli Protests House Democrats’ Sham Property Tax “Freeze”

State Representative Grant Wehrli today joined his House Republican colleagues in voting present to protest  sham property tax “freeze” measures brought to the floor by House Democrats.

‘The property tax freeze legislation pushed by Democrats today isn’t real. It is not a well-developed
plan. It did not come from the bi-partisan working groups. It is a sham meant to derail ongoing negotiations and to provide political cover to the City of Chicago that’s dealing with a ‘junk’ credit rating and billions of dollars in unfunded pension obligations.  More than a decade of Democrat control created our budget problems. It’s disappointing that with just over two weeks left in our scheduled spring session, they would rather play political games than work with us on real solutions,” Representative Wehrli said.

Representative Wehrli and House Republicans called for House consideration of House Bill 136 which the Democrat majority has blocked in the House Rules Committee. This legislation would more successfully limit increases in property tax bills imposed on homeowners that are facing declines in real homestead market values. House Democrats refused to release the bill for consideration. Read more about both bills here