House Democrats do an “End Run” around the State Budget Process

State Representative Grant Wehrli said House Democrats today did an “end run” around the state budget process by pushing for House passage of hundreds of pages of appropriations bills totaling billions of dollars without committee or public input.  Rep. Wehrli voted “present”.

“Just a few short months ago on Inauguration Day Speaker Madigan pledged to work with us and
with the new administration to solve our budget crisis. So much for promises,” Rep. Wehrli said. “There are currently three sets of working groups meeting and carefully discussing these very budgets.  This disingenuous move undermines that process, and undermines any attempt to work toward responsible, bi-partisan solutions. It’s a sham. Our families and our communities deserve better.”

16 amendments to HB 4141 were introduced in the House mere hours before the votes denying Republican lawmakers, groups impacted by the funding, and the general public any opportunity to  read or offer input on the amendments before they were rammed through on a series of partisan votes.