Wehrli Calls for Better Accountability in Community College Elected Trustees

Today, State Representative Grant Wehrli (R-Naperville) proposed legislation that would amend the Public Community College Act to change the length of an elected trustee’s term from six years to four years.

House Bill 3135 would provide that elected trustees of a community college district in 2017 shall be elected to serve a 2-year term and members elected in 2019 and thereafter shall be elected to serve 4-year terms.

“In light of the recent lucrative buyout approved by the College of DuPage board members to former C.O.D. President Robert Brueder, I believe we need to address this concern by holding trustees accountable for their actions,” said Wehrli. “The best way to hold an elected official accountable is at the ballot box and by lessening the length of term it would allow voters more opportunity to vote for people who will be accountable to them rather than their own self-interests.”

Currently, the Public Community College Act allows for a six year term for elected trustees to Community College boards.

“To me, it’s concerning that this elected position can be retained for the same period of time as a Circuit Judge or even a U.S. Senator with no real qualification parameters,” said Wehrli. “The reality of decisions made by community college trustees can largely impact resident’s pocketbooks.”

House Bill 3135 is one of several pieces of legislation filed in response to the College of DuPage fiasco. DuPage House Republican members continue to spearhead these reforms with bipartisan support in order to ensure greater transparency and accountability.