Wehrli Calls Rauner’s Budget Proposal a Refreshing Outlook

Springfield, IL…Today, Governor Rauner presented his budget outline, addressing the many fiscal challenges facing the state.
“Today, was a refreshing look into what the Governor has planned to turn Illinois around. He has set a revenue number of $32 billion dollars with a clear directive to make that number work and I believe we can. Now it’s our time to review this budget and its impact on our constituents, making recommendations as to our priorities,” said Wehrli. 
“Perhaps for the first time in a decade, we’re starting the budgetary process grounded by the reality of matching revenues with expenditures while paying our required obligations. The State’s budgetary challenges are no secret, but for the first time they are actually being acknowledged. I understand that this is not going to be an easy task but to continue with the same old budgetary practices, while expecting a different result, isn’t going to accomplish anything.”